4*: Lowe by Bengalfuel

Brian gave this 4/5.

Not a big fan of 3″ CDs. I always lose them you see. They’re not large enough to be used as drinks coasters either. I like this Bengalfuel ‘Flower EP’ series however, which has just reached its third instalment with ‘Lowe’ – another cracking four-tracker! From the amorphous, wondrous ambient waves of opener ‘Crevices’ and penultimate piece ‘Eleven Eleven’ book-ending the shimmering, pulsing astrally-inclined hypno-techno of ‘People Wincing’ you know this duo have been carefully flexing and teasing the best out of their equipment to produce the most refined twinkling starry-eyed soundscapes you could hope to hear soundtracking a day sat in an office overlooking a slate grey viaduct on an overcast September morn. The concluding ‘Spectacles’ changes tack by being an eerie dark drone piece !
that leaves you feeling ever-so-slightly unsettled with its sleep-inducing isolationist waves, foreboding crevices and moody tendrils of shifting sound. Sweet stuff indeed…

Buy it: Lowe by Bengalfuel £4.99 (CD single, Hibernate)

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